How To Claim Your Unique Facebook URL Address

As a Social Media Manager one of the top questions I get asked on a regular basis is ‘How do you claim your unique Facebook URL for a business page?” (also known as your unique username) and it is one of the easiest things to do once you know how.

If you’re not sure what a unique Facebook URL is, it is simply your Facebook address that you can share on promotional material, or elsewhere, so that your current and potential customers can go directly to your Facebook business page. For example, before you claim your URL it might look something like but once you’ve claimed it, it will look like As you can see it’s much shorter and looks a lot more neat to be adding to promotional material.

Things to keep in mind BEFORE you go ahead and claim your unique Facebook URL:

  1. You can only change it ONCE. So be sure you will be happy with your choice in the long term.
  2. It must be at least five characters long and it can contain letters, numbers or a full-stop.
  3. It is not case-sensitive. i.e. reddogsocial and RedDogSocial are the same URL/username.
  4. If your username is taken you will need to find an alternative.
  5. You must be an admin on the page to make the change
  6. You must adhere to the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.
  7. You MAY need 25 likes on your page before you can claim, however, this isn’t always the case.

Watch this video to show you exactly how to claim your unique URL/username.

If you would like help with claiming your Facebook URL for your business, contact us today! We’re here to help.